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October 9, 2007

True or False?

    1.Reinsurance is a transaction in which one insurance company indemnifies another insurance company against all or part of the loss that it sustains under a policy or policies of insurance.

    T F

    2.Reinsurance can only be written on a pro rata basis.

    T F

    3.Reinsurance spreads risk so that no single entity finds itself saddled with a financial burden beyond its ability to pay.

    T F

    4.A reinsurance treaty is a narrow agreement.

    T F

If you answered ‘True’ to 1 and 3, you already know some reinsurance fundamentals.

But, if you answered ‘True’ to 2 or 4, you might want to consider attending the Reinsurance Association of America’s Reinsurance Basics Seminar being presented for the first time on the West Coast, from October 22-24 at the Westin San Francisco Market Street.

    Who should attend?

    Buyers and sellers of reinsurance, lawyers, accountants, and regulators.

    What will you learn?

  • Distinguish insurance from reinsurance;

  • Identify the purposes of reinsurance and how reinsurance affects the buyer;

  • Understand distinctive provisions of different reinsurance approaches;

  • Learn how to structure a reinsurance program;

  • Understand critical risk transfer requirements;

  • Study key annual statement schedules;

  • Learn the differences between regulatory and GAAP accounting.

  • Explore current trends in the marketplace.

For additional information and to register: click here or contact Ann-Marie at

We hope you take advantage of this exceptional educational experience.

And p.s.— (2) reinsurance can be written on a pro rata and excess of loss basis; (4) a reinsurance treaty is a broad agreement.

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