Insurance Marketing vs. Buying Insurance Leads. What is the difference?

October 4, 2007

The goal of marketing is to generate leads. Most insurance agents gamble with their money on insurance marketing to generate leads by sending post cards, hiring hourly cold callers, sending assistants door knocking, advertising in yellow pages. Successful insurance agents skip the hassle and frustration of doing marketing themselves and buy insurance leads from companies like and and receive insurance leads from websites like where insurance consumers go to get connected with local insurance agents to receive a free insurance quote. In order to provide insurance agents with quality leads, QuotesAuction and put leads through both automated and live call center quality check. Insurance agents receive insurance leads after insurance consumers intend to get an insurance quote is verified by a live call center. Both and offer full credit for every bad insurance lead returned by the insurance agent.

Using the insurance leads generating services like and will also reduce the unnecessary efforts made by insurance agents in chasing down prospects that have no real intention of buying. This kind of marketing edge has been advantage enjoyed by top insurance sales agents, reducing their marketing expenditure in favor of using web sites such as and send insurance leads to insurance agents within few minutes of prospects request to get connected with an insurance professional. Insurance agents set criteria for the leads they want, such as the geographical area they wish the leads to be from, the number of insurance leads they wish to receive daily, weekly, or monthly, and the types of insurance leads. For limited time is giving insurance agents $200 of free insurance leads for activating an account. Go to to learn more. gives insurance agents an opportunity to preview insurance leads before paying for them. Insurance agents can choose to purchase exclusive leads or buy shared leads which are also available to a maximum of three competing sales agents. To preview leads go and Sign Up for an account. Opening an account is free. No credit card information is required to preview leads.

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