Solar Energy Contractor Program

June 22, 2007

NationsBuilders Insurance Services (“NBIS”) introduces a new insurance product for an emerging solar industry with the SOLAR ENERGY CONTRACTOR PROGRAM.

Residential and commercial solar installation and service for swimming pools, water heating and cooling, energy generation and other applications.

Deductible and Premium:

    Minimum Premium: $3,500
    Minimum Deductible: $2,500


    Solar Contractor: Electrical Work Only
    Solar Contractor Residential: Electrical or Plumbing License
    Solar Commercial: Electrical or Plumbing License
    Solar Contractor Commercial: Solar License
    Solar Residential: Solar License

NBIS also offers over 150 other products and programs for the residential and commercial contractors including:

    Artisan Program with gross receipts up to $2,000,000 including GC’s
    Standard Program: GCs, Developers, Larger Trade Contractors (tract homes acceptable)
    High Value Mini-Wrap: $50,000 minimum premium, Condos up to 10 units / $5 mil receipts
    Standard Wrap: Condos, Townhouses, Single Family Tracts
    Conversion Wrap: Apartment to Condo Conversions

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