QuotesAuction.com Beats the Competition in the Insurance Lead Generation Industry

June 5, 2007

QuotesAuction.com, an insurance marketing company that specializes in real time insurance lead generation beats all the competition in terms and tools offered to insurance agents for purchasing leads.

  • QuotesAuction.com does not require a long term contract that binds insurance agents to purchase leads, before trying. Most of its competitors do.
  • With QuotesAuction.com insurance agents can return bogus leads and receive a full credit. Most competitors don’t allow insurance agents to get credit for bad leads.
  • Agents can buy both exclusive and shared insurance leads from QuotesAuction.com, while most competitors offer one or the other.
  • Insurance agents who get leads QuotesAuction.com can select desired geographical area, number of leads per day, wide variety of filters, large selection of lead types. Most competitors don’t offer filters, or offer very few basic ones.
  • QuotesAuction.com has an online insurance leads management system that insurance agents can access 24 hours a day from anywhere. While competitors offer such systems for addition cost, QuotesAuction.com provides it for free.
  • Agents who get leads from QuotesAuction.com can set up an automatic follow with prospects. Other competitors don’t offer such systems. With this automated follow up system, insurance agents can set up to five customized e-mails to be send to potential clients automatically.
  • QuotesAuction.com only sells real time fresh insurance leads, delivered to insurance agents e-mail within seconds of customer’s request. Most competitors sell old leads.
  • QuotesAuction.com has set up many quality controls that filter out bad leads, which increases lead to client ratio for insurance agents. Most competitors don’t have such quality control methods in place.
  • QuotesAuction.com has a free learning center for insurance agents that contain more than 150 articles and tips to help agents increase their book of business. Most competitors sell this knowledge or don’t offer it at all.

QuotesAuction.com is committed to help insurance agents succeed and is offering up to $200 worth of free leads when activating new account. To learn more about this opportunity, please follow the link: https://www.quotesauction.com/sign-up.htm

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