LeadsClearance.com Allows Insurance Agents to Preview Insurance Leads Before Buying

May 18, 2007

In the age of the internet insurance consumers are going online to shop for insurance. LeadsClearance.com connects insurance agents with motivated consumers. Unlike other insurance lead providers, LeadsClearance.com allows insurance agents to preview leads before buying.

Because LeadsClearance.com offers unsold inventory of insurance leads, cost of the leads is just a fraction of the market price. Insurance agents can purchase leads on exclusive or shared basis.

It works like a usual e-shop. LeadsClearance.com shows available insurance leads within the chosen area and leads category sorted by freshness in ascending order. Short description contains key information in a desired lead type category. If you become interested in more information on a particular lead, you can preview a full lead report which contains all the relevant information by clicking on “view” link. If you have decided to purchase the lead, you can add it to your shopping cart. The leads can be sold on exclusive, if available, or semi-exclusive basis, with a maximum of two competitors.

Once the lead is purchased, you can view the lead reports with full contact information and choose to receive purchased leads by email, store it in your online file with LeadsClearance.com and work the lead from there, or download into a database on your PC. The system will remember all the leads you have purchased and you can view them at any time. Should the lead turn out to have bogus contact information, we will credit the cost to your account.

LeadsClearance.com offers insurance agents to purchase insurance leads at the fraction of the price without pre-payments, commitments, risks and obligations associated with being a member of agent/broker networks. No up-front costs or pre-payments, no minimums orders, no terms, no cancellations, no commitments, obligations or blanket billing authorizations. To sign up with LeadsClearance.com follow the following link: https://www.leadsclearance.com/register.asp

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