How Insurance Agents Can Benefit from the Boom for Insurance Products

May 16, 2007

With the boom in the insurance sector, market for insurance products has started to grow. Americans witnessed the most devastating events in the recent past. The 9/11 terrorist attacks or hurricane Katrina are examples of such events. These events have led to feeling of insecurity among most Americans. When there is insecurity people buy insurance. Also, increasing cost of healthcare has made buying health insurance almost compulsory for any US citizen.

However increase in the number of insurance agents made it increasingly difficult for an agent to increase their book of business. Many agents are barely making ends meet, because they don’t know how to find motivated insurance consumers.

Successful insurance agents are buying insurance leads from online insurance lead generation services like connects motivated insurance consumers with insurance agents. Insurance prospects provide their contact details online, and e-mails that information to insurance professionals in real time.

These days putting an ad on the Yellow Pages or just making cold calls no longer produce the same result they used to. What insurance consumers are now shifting to is the internet. Many consumers, who are not happy with the current insurance agent, also go online to look for better deals. helps connect this group of internet insurance shoppers with their local insurance agent.

Every insurance agent knows that this is a numbers game. More motivated leads equal more sales, which brings more commissions. Prospect who went online to look for insurance is ready to buy, and when insurance agent calls that prospect, consumer is eager to listen and ready to purchase an insurance policy. Insurance agents who get leads can select desired geographical area, number of leads per day, wide variety of filters, large selection of lead types. is committed to help insurance agents succeed and is offering up to $200 worth of free leads when activating new account. To learn more about this opportunity, please follow the link:

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