Prospecting Method that is Helping Insurance Agents Make Six-Figures a Year

May 7, 2007

Why is it that some insurance agents consistently earn six-figures a year while most insurance agents who put in the same hours, sell the same products and were trained by the same sales manager struggle each month financially to make ends meet?

The answer to this question is simple. Successful insurance agents spend more time on the phone with qualified insurance prospects instead of cold calling or relying on referrals.

Successful insurance agents buy insurance leads and follow up on them which eventually will give them more referrals. Cold calling is a waste of time. Lead generation services like offer qualified insurance leads that insurance agents can receive through e-mail in real time.

Qualified Prospects, like food in the refrigerator are perishable and therefore need to be contacted quickly. Insurance agents who get insurance leads from receive insurance leads within seconds from the time consumer submits a request to be contact by an insurance agent. Lead that insurance agents receive in e-mail contains all the information needed to provide a quote, so an insurance agent can call the prospect right away with a prepared insurance quote.

Prospect who just requested the quote online is ready to buy, and when insurance agent call them to provide a quote, consumers are eager to listen and ready to purchase an insurance policy.

To further increase the closing ratio of insurance agents, has introduced a revolutionary technology to make follow up process simple and effective. Agents who get leads from can automatically email up to five standard or customized consecutive messages designed to compel prospects to contact the agent. So when an insurance agent calls the prospect, prospect is already familiar with the insurance agent’s name and the phone number. In many instances consumers call the agent even before the agent gets to call them. is committed to help insurance agents succeed and is offering up to $200 worth of free leads when activating new account. To learn more about this opportunity, please follow the link:

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