10 Little Known Secrets Insurance Agents Should Know About Insurance Leads

May 3, 2007

People are more comfortable using the Internet than they used to be. Many insurance consumers start shopping for insurance online. QuotesAuction.com, an insurance marketing agency reports over 1 million visitors on a monthly basis to the network of websites it owns that connect consumers with insurance agents. QuotesAuction.com receives hundreds of thousands of leads a month from consumers who request to be contacted by agents to buy an insurance policy.

Insurance agents who sign up with QuotesAuction.com get real time insurance leads. There’s not a lot of wasted time when you’re trying to handle real time leads. Insurance agents get back to the prospect in a timely manner. It’s great to hear from prospects: Wow! You got back to me quickly. I just hit the send button. QuotesAuction.com has an automated system that assists in identifying fake information and filtering out bogus leads.

QuotesAuction.com provides a reliable supply of real time insurance leads without all the headaches of direct mail, or the “hit or miss” results of print advertising, cold calling and referral marketing.

Here are the 10 Little Known Secrets about insurance leads provided by QuotesAuction.com:

  1. Prospects are interested and waiting for your call.
  2. Buying insurance leads is cheaper than other forms of insurance marketing.
  3. Agents can choose type of leads they want: auto, health, life, home, renters, long term care, cancer, final expense, business P/C, business benefits and annuity.
  4. Leads are delivered in real-time, just seconds after insurance consumers request an insurance quote online.
  5. Buying insurance leads is the fastest method to make more qualified appointments and increase sales.
  6. No term contracts. You can either prepay, or be billed later.
  7. All our leads are backed by a 15-day return policy.
  8. Choose to receive leads by specific state, city, county, and zip code.
  9. Agents can select filters to eliminate prospects with certain age, medical conditions, and other criteria.
  10. Experienced professionals with real commitment to providing quality leads and first-rate service generate these insurance leads.

And now, for a limited time, you can get up to $200 worth of free leads for signing up with QuotesAuction.com. To learn more about this opportunity, please follow the link: https://www.quotesauction.com/sign-up.htm

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