What Insurance Agents Have to Say about Internet Insurance Leads

April 26, 2007

Indeed today more and more people are going online to shop for insurance from various insurance carriers. Most consumers start the insurance shopping process online before they finalize the sale with agents in their state. Over 15 million consumers will shop for insurance online this year. This has increased the number of insurance agents buying internet insurance leads.

QuotesAuction.com, nation’s leading insurance leads provider has conducted a survey among agents in its network to find out what insurance agents have to say about internet insurance leads that they receive from its Real Time Insurance Leads Generation Program.

Florida insurance agents Rita Lemark began using QuotesAuction.com two years ago. The number of leads she receives each month has quadrupled since then. “QuotesAuction.com helped me get my business off the ground,” she says. “In the early days, I spent a lot of time cold-calling and door knocking. It was frustrating and to a large extent, unproductive. With QuotesAuction.com, I receive leads for people who are ready to buy. Most of the leads are either a first time insurance buyers, or people interested in changing agents. I write close to 45% of the leads I quote.”

California agent Dennis Preza says QuotesAuction.com keeps him well stocked with insurance leads, unlike other lead generation companies he had worked with previously. “I go through 400 leads a month by myself,” he says. “I couldn’t find another lead generation company that could produce those numbers. The Internet has brought me closer to insurance consumers in my region.” he says. “Only about 10% of my business is in my immediate area. Much of the correspondence between the insured and me is done via e-mail or fax. I don’t need to be a mile from their house. They’re still getting the same service and response that they otherwise would.”

Getting insurance leads from QuotesAuction.com has enabled Carl Kaning, an insurance agent from Texas to shift his resources from advertising on TV, radio, and in the Yellow Pages to buying leads from QuotesAuction.com. “When you’re advertising on TV or radio, or in the Yellow Pages, and someone contacts you, they may not be a good fit for your niche,” he points out. “Since switching to QuotesAuction.com, my closing ratio has doubled. The prospect who submits information to QuotesAuction.com has taken the time to go through the questionnaire and provide a lot of personal information, enough information so that I have most of what I need to underwrite and quote.”

Robin Shuel, an insurance agent in Ohio says: “QuotesAuction.com filters leads, matching it with the preferences; line of business, protection class, and ZIP code. This is a smarter way to do business.” The leads arrive via e-mail in a steady stream, not all at once. Agents pay the cost of the lead, which varies depending on what type of lead it is.” Preferred auto leads cost more than standard or substandard leads, for instance. There are no annual maintenance fees. Agents are charged for the leads they receive. And should a lead prove to be unusable because of some misinformation, agents are encouraged to contact the Customer Care representatives at QuotesAuction.com to get a refund of the price of the lead.

To register for this program, agents simply sign up at https://www.quotesauction.com/sign-up.htm .QuotesAuction.com is committed to helping insurance agents succeed. QuotesAuction.com offers $200 worth of free insurance leads to agents that sign up for its Real Time Leads Generation Program. So get the free leads now, while the promotion lasts.

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