What Every Insurance Agent Should Know About Insurance Leads

March 28, 2007

North Hollywood, CA – QuotesAuction.com’s Real Time Insurance Leads Program is helping insurance agents nationwide increase sales and spend less time on pointless cold calling. This service was designed based on feedback from thousands of insurance agents and countless industry studies on lead conversion. Those studies have proven that next to the quality of the lead itself, timely follow up has always been the biggest contributing factor to agents’ success with leads.

QuotesAuction.com for many years provided quality Insurance Leads through its insurance leads generation program. Real time insurance leads take this leads generation program a step further and completely eliminate the concept of chasing down leads. Through QuotesAuction.com’s Real Time Insurance Leads Program, agents are guaranteed to receive real time leads that have been 100% verified and are interested in receiving insurance quotes from insurance agents in their community.

The most important factor for insurance agents who use QuotesAuction.com’s Real Time Insurance Leads Program is that potential buyers are not currently working with an agent and are immediately looking to speak with an insurance agent. Those leads are then instantly transferred to the agent via e-mail, therefore creating a conversation between the prospect and the agent. The entire process is completed within a few minutes of the potential insurance buyer becoming a lead.

QuotesAuction.com’s Real Time Insurance Leads Program generates leads at a level of quality that insurance agents have never seen before. Short of providing guaranteed buyers, you really couldn’t ask much more of a lead provider. QuotesAuction.com’s Real Time Insurance Leads Program creates a premium level of leads that no other competitor has ever attempted. Beta tests of this program have shown conversion rates skyrocket, which makes it certain that the insurance agents who take advantage of this program will be very successful. QuotesAuction.com’s goal with this program is to save our agents time and make them money.

Real Time Insurance Leads Program will be available to agents in all markets in the United States. Agents interested in inquiring about this exclusive program should register at https://www.quotesauction.com/sign-up.htm

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