Who Wants 1 Million Insurance Leads from Google?

March 6, 2007

North Hollywood, CA – QuotesAuction.com recently hit a major milestone after receiving over 1 million insurance leads from Google advertisement. Visit http://www.quotesauction.com/awards.htm for proof. QuotesAuction.com is the leading insurance leads provider who supplies more than five thousand insurance agents with real time qualified insurance leads.

With more and more consumers turning to the Web to learn about and find insurance, more and more insurance professionals need to the way they find customers. The days of door-to-door insurance salesmen drumming up business have been replaced by modern, savvy agents buying insurance leads.

The Internet provides today’s insurance agents with many opportunities for success. By using QuotesAuction.com’s lead program that does the prospecting for them, many agents are making a lot more money than from old conventional ways of marketing.

Marketing services like QuotesAuction.com and http://www.LeadsClearance.com supply insurance agents with pre-qualified insurance leads to help cut their prospecting time. Insurance leads can be sent to insurance agent’s email, but should be immediate and real-time and include detailed information on each prospect. This allows insurance agents to complete the sale quickly by contacting insurance consumers with an immediate quote before competitors do.

For more information on insurance leads visit http://www.QuotesAuction.com or call 800-647-2164.

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