QualCorp, Inc. Unveils QueryPlus Reporting Tool for Agency Management Systems

January 9, 2007

QualCorp, Inc. announces that they have just released a reporting tool that makes the on-going chore of mining data out of the industry’s most widely used agency management systems straight forward and simple. By using a simple 6-step query/filter process built into a friendly and intuitive user interface, the customers can create very complex reports by simply dragging and dropping data fields. “Our customers can create connections which find, filter and link live data, without writing one line of programming code, without hiring consultants, without sitting through training sessions or being an IT professional”, comments Allen Beggs, President of QualCorp, Inc.

QueryPlus transcends any other reporting tool by giving ANY novice/IT savvy user the ability to create complex reports.


♦ Variety of common reports available
♦ Create views upon which to base a final report.
♦ Filter data to select only the information you want to use and see – eliminate extraneous data.
♦ Set conditions and criteria for filters – filter on several conditions or criteria with one pass through the database.
♦ Select output Fields so you see only those fields you want to see.
♦ Sort Fields in logical sequence.
♦ Join Fields from multiple databases to create reports with more information.
♦ Search Non-Indexed and Indexed fields for fast organization.
♦ Locate a record in the database.
♦ Calculate groups and grand totals.
♦ Create a view of your desired output in MS Word, PDF or HTML- combine fields from different databases to create one report showing all the information you require and even publish it on the web.
♦ View generates an Automatic Report – you can edit and reformat it to meet your individual and immediate needs.
♦ Create Web applications for remote report viewing.
♦ Web/LAN Wizards for Remote Data Entry, Query and Response over the web, Publish Live and Static Reports.

About QualCorp, Inc.
QualCorp’s wide range of industry solutions offers a potential client choices in creating a uniquely customized application for policy issuance services and utilities, data preparation and consulting. QualCorp answers their clients’ needs by giving them flexibility within their daily operations; control over the profitability of their business; and expanding new vistas of opportunity toward growth and diversity.

For more information about QueryPlus for your agency management system please contact us:

QualCorp, Inc.
(888) 367-6775
Web – http://www.qualcorp.com/QueryPlusAMS.html
Email – products@qualcorp.com

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