AMS 360 v2.0 Delivers Increased Productivity and Streamlined Connectivity

September 14, 2006

Innovative Agency Management System Achieves Wide Industry Adoption

Bothell, Wash. – AMS Services, a leading provider of software solutions for the insurance industry, today announced the general availability of AMS 360® v2.0, a proven agency management system that seamlessly bridges agency information, business relationships and management tools. The new version of AMS 360, built on the industry’s most advanced technology platform, features multiple product advances that provide agencies greater productivity, streamlined information access and tighter carrier connectivity. AMS 360, with over 12,000 users currently in production, is rapidly becoming the leader in next generation insurance agency management systems.

Increased Productivity
The newest features of AMS 360 v2.0 increase efficiency and productivity by automating everyday tasks and streamlining workflow so that agents can spend more time writing new business. Key advances include:

  • Import/export of data schedules: Agencies can import or “drag and drop” data lists directly into the system. Not only does this save time by making it easier to update schedules but reduces errors and omissions. The system automatically compares schedules making it easy to reconcile changes, and will even alert users to endorse policy changes.

  • Scheduled reports: Agents can schedule reports to be automatically generated at night when it won’t affect system performance as well as schedule them to be delivered through the system or e-mail.

  • Vendor payables: Agencies can effectively manage cash flow by scheduling vendor payments during a time that best meets budgetary needs. Once an invoice is entered in the system, agencies can track by invoice number and date and easily allocate expenses across divisions or locations

  • Enhanced security: Managers can easily supervise employee access to specific data. For example, security parameters can be set so users only have access to their specific customers or accounts. Additionally, you can restrict access to high-profile customers so only specific employees can view them.

    “AMS 360 v2.0 allowed my agency to increase productivity quickly,” said Dave Stogner, principal of Special Risk Insurance. “The industry average for customer service representatives (CSRs) is $500,000 to $1.7 million in premiums. With AMS 360 v2.0, my CSRs now handle $4 million each.”

    Paperless Workflow with Document360
    One of the major obstacles facing agencies is tackling the incredible paper load associated with the insurance industry. Studies show that 30 percent of the workday is spent searching for correct documents, taking away valuable time from growing the business. One of the latest features, Document360, is a fully-integrated document management system that helps agencies increase efficiency by managing electronic documents with quick and simple indexing, tracking, retrieval and storage. Advanced search capabilities eliminate time wasted searching for documents and reduce the risk of important information being misfiled or associated with the wrong account.

    Advanced Connectivity
    Independent agents are continually looking for ways to be more efficient and productive, which means not leaving their agency management system to interface with carriers. AMS 360 lets users sign in once to the management system and interact with carriers for access to real-time rating, claims, billing and policy information, endorsements and new business submissions. In addition, automated password management provides for single sign on — further simplifying the process. The latest version of AMS 360 not only delivers pervasive access to carriers within the application, it also provides easy access to other AMS Services’ solutions and third-party systems.

    Technology Leadership
    AMS Services is committed to providing a technology platform that will grow with its customers. AMS 360 v2.0 is a modern architecture that is Web-based and built on Microsoft’s .NET platform. Microsoft .NET not only offers a rich user interface (UI) but provides easy integration with other solutions. AMS 360 v2.0 also utilizes Microsoft’s SQL Server providing more reliable storage, enhanced scalability and excellent security. Because AMS 360 v2.0 is built on the most advanced industry technology, agents are able to build their business quickly to gain a competitive advantage.

    “AMS 360 v2.0 has been very well received by new and current AMS 360 customers,” said Bill Bunker, senior vice president of product management and marketing. “The efficiency gains delivered by AMS 360 are proving to be very material – especially as agencies seek to collaborate more tightly with their carrier partners.”

    AMS 360 v2.0 is available today. For more information, contact AMS Services at 425.402.1000 or visit

    About AMS Services

    AMS Services is dedicated to helping independent insurance agencies achieve maximum performance and operational efficiency. The business offers a comprehensive, insurance-specific solution for managing critical business activities, including agency management, rating, benefits, performance management and carrier connectivity. With more than 150,000 users in over 15,000 agencies, as well as 600 carrier partners, AMS Services is a proven market leader providing the strategy and scalability to help independent agencies excel now and in the future. For more information on AMS Services, please visit

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