London American Risk Specialists Announces CareSurance™ Liability Program

August 24, 2006

Houston, Texas – London American Risk Specialists, Inc is pleased to offer CareSurance™ , a new liability insurance program designed to meet the needs of Skilled, Assisted and Independent Long Term Care (LTC) facilities across America.

CareSurance™ uses a completely new approach to liability insurance. It starts with a comprehensive risk assessment of each facility and generates a quote based on the facility’s risk profile. The CareSurance™ program also includes powerful risk management tools from LTCQ, Inc., that provide significant clinical, operational and financial benefits to the facility.

Some of the proven risk management tools in the CareSurance™ Program are:

1. A Data Integrity Audit™ (DIA) of the Minimum Data Set (MDS) done prior to state submission that includes instant online feedback on any inconsistencies. There is also a documentation check-off feature that ensures any exceptions or special circumstances are properly documented in the medical record. Benefits of DIA include:

  • More accurate, and usually increased, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements – The average client sees a substantial increase per month

  • Regulatory compliance – Clients have fewer fines and deficiencies

  • Improved quality of care outcomes – the majority of clients see improvement in their Quality Measures/Quality Indicators

    2. Risk Management Event Reporter – Easy to use web-based tool for recording, tracking and trending adverse events. Tool includes prompts to ensure proper procedures were followed to help minimize the possibility of a claim.

    3. Data Driven Customer Satisfaction Surveys – Targeted surveys that contact resident/families after a negative outcome to solicit their opinion on how the facility handled the incident. Acts as an early warning of claims risks related either to care quality and/or poor family communication.

    4. Loss control, claims evaluation and defense capabilities that put events into context and provide analysis to vigorously defend or promptly settle claims as appropriate.

    5. Ongoing guidance regarding risk management priorities and suggested remedies, including training, education or onsite consulting as required.

    Professional and General Liability (including Products and Completed Operations Liability)

  • Sexual Misconduct and Physical Abuse Liability

  • Employee Benefits liability

  • Tenants’ Liability

  • Medical Expenses cover

  • An incident sensitive trigger – a lawsuit does not have to be brought against the nursing home for the policy to respond – it responds to any incidents which could give rise to a claim

    (This is only a summary of the policy; reference should be made to the full policy wording).

    Target markets
    CareSurance™ can provide enormous benefits to the entire spectrum of US long term care providers, from small independent facilities to large corporate chains.

    Cost and limits available
    Premiums for CareSurance™ are based on each facility’s level of risk and reward well-managed nursing homes with significant discounts.

    Limits of up to $5,000,000 per claim and $15,000,000 in the aggregate are available per nursing home, with deductibles from $10,000.

    A.M. Best Rated XV

    For more information contact:
    Mike Mullens
    214-373-3936 ext. 206
    London American Risk Specialists, Inc.
    8150 N. Central Expressway
    Campbell Centre II, Suite 1450
    Dallas, TX 75206

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