Drone Insurance: Coverages, Hazards and Claims


Think Drone Insurance 101 – and Beyond

This on-demand webinar, hosted by Insurance Journal, provides you with an overview of drone insurance.

We’ll answer these questions:

  • What exactly is drone insurance?
  • What can be covered?
  • How big is the market?
  • How has the risk evolved?
  • What has the claims experience been like?

We’ll also address:

  • How to access and procure coverage for your customers
  • The Insurtech players and new innovations
  • Risk management best practices
  • Uses of drones that require insurance

Meet our drone experts, who share their insights on the latest developments in drone insurance:

Chris Proudlove
Senior vice president and manager of UAS Risks for Global Aerospace

Kathleen Swain
Senior director of UAS programs for AOPA

Shan L. Rogers
Senior vice president and director of RT Specialty Aviation LLC