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Bridging the Gap Between Investor Needs and Company Disclosures on Sustainability

We thank Ceres for sharing their survey results with our audience in this recently released report measuring the degree to which leading global companies are beginning to provide decision-useful sustainability disclosures.

The findings reveal the degree of the maturity of their disclosure systems and the evolutionary phase of these disclosures. Findings include:

→ only 15 percent of companies disclose evidence that their boards are formally charged with overseeing sustainability issues and have discussed the most relevant issues in boardroom discussions.

→ only 23 percent provide detailed disclosure of materiality practices, including evidence of how the results are then used to inform strategic decision-making.

→ Just 17 percent disclose which specific stakeholder constituencies they are engaging, how they engaged with them, what feedback they received, and how that feedback was incorporated into corporate strategy and reporting

Download this report for the full discussion of disclosure standards and why they matter to investors in this age of environmental and social risk.

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