Dangerous Pet Duck Attack Leads to Oregon Lawsuit

April 24, 2014

An Oregon duck accused of having “abnormally dangerous propensities” finds itself at the center of a lawsuit that seeks $275,000 in damages.

The duck – the feathered kind, not the football kind – is accused of attacking a Washougal, Wash., woman in Estacada, Ore., causing Cynthia Ruddell to fall and injure a wrist, elbow and shoulder.

Clackamas County court documents say Ruddell was leaving the motor home she had parked on land owned by her mother in May 2012 when the pet duck owned by Lolita Rose attacked her.

KATU-TV reports that Rose is accused of “needlessly endangering the public” because she didn’t keep the duck contained and didn’t warn neighbors about the danger.

Ruddell and Rose both declined to comment.

Ruddell’s lawyer, Gregory Price, says he hopes to settle out of court.

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  • April 25, 2014 at 4:07 pm
    joe says:
    I would say the danger is from over reacting to the duck attack. the injuries she sustained from the fall were far worse than the duck could have inflicted. wish I got to be o... read more

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