ICW Group Launches SIMNSA for Workers’ Comp Treatment

April 19, 2013

ICW Group Insurance Companies has entered into an exclusive partnership with Sistemas Medicos Nacionales, S.A. de C.V. (SIMNSA), to offer workers’ comp medical treatment to Southern California employees.

SIMNSA enjoys an excellent reputation among the Hispanic community, appealing to those who work in the U.S. and prefer to receive their healthcare across the border in Mexico.

“Many companies in the region offer SIMNSA HMO to their cross-border employees as an affordable healthcare option,” stated Paul Zamora, senior vice president, workers’ compensation for ICW Group. “With work comp claim costs on the rise in California, we’re confident these same employers will welcome SIMNSA as a way to save on the cost of their work comp treatment, while offering their employees the opportunity to receive care from doctors who speak their language and understand their culture.”

ICW Group’s new SIMNSA workers’ comp program offers several benefits, including reduction on fee schedules, dividend eligibility, and scheduled rating opportunity. The program is being brokered by Larry Osborne, senior vice president, Alliant Insurance Services in San Diego.

“ICW Group has a reputation for helping our agents and brokers bring new and innovative programs to their clients,” Zamora explained. “We’re confident agents will welcome SIMNSA as a cost-saving opportunity for those clients with a cross-border workforce.”

Source: ICW Group

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