Nevada Texting and Walking Bill Slated for Committee Talk

By MATT WOOLBRIGHT | March 1, 2013

If AB123 passes its committee and makes it into law, it would be illegal for pedestrians to read, browse the internet or enter data with hand-held devices while crossing roads in the state.

Democratic Las Vegas Assemblyman Harvey Munford is set to present AB123 to the Assembly Committee on Transportation on Thursday.

The bill makes exceptions for uses concerning medical emergencies, safety hazards and reporting criminal activity. Public employees and contractors responding to an emergency are also immune to the restrictions.

First-time texting and crossing offenses would incur a written warning, with second and third violations bringing $100 and $250 fines.

Munford adds that his intention is for the law to apply to all roadways in Nevada – even in residential areas.

He says the goal is to increase public safety.

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