California Department Insurance: Streamlined Licensing

December 3, 2012

The California Department of Insurance announced a new process for professionals submitting insurance agent, broker, adjuster and bail agent license applications to CDI.

The new process “enhances customer service and increases the operational efficiency of handling licensing applications statewide,” according to a CDI release.

“This important change also saves valuable staff time in handling the license application process by eliminating a large number of pending applications,” California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said in a statement.

This process requires people to pass the qualifying license examination before they submit the required application, meaning they pay the license application fee only if they pass the examination, which for most licenses is $128.

Additionally the new process “streamlines the handling of license applications,” which eliminates applications that were in a pending status while the applicant underwent the examination.

The change applies to California residents who apply for any insurance agent or broker license in which an examination is required – including life, accident and health, property-casualty, personal lines, limited lines automobile and life limited to funeral and burial expenses. The change also applies to all insurance adjuster and bail agent applicants.

In the past, individuals applying for these licenses were required to first submit a license application and include the license fee, and then required to schedule their qualifying examination and submit a separate $37 fee. Because the department is required to retain applications for one year, CDI was needlessly tracking hundreds of pending license applications, according to the department.

In early 2011, the department launched new options for license applicants to schedule and take examinations. Applicants can schedule their examinations either online or on the telephone, as well as take their examinations on site.

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