Carbon Monoxide Sickens Arizona Bagel Shop Workers

April 24, 2012

Authorities say at least four north Phoenix, Ariz., bagel shop workers have been sickened by carbon monoxide that apparently built up in the shop’s kitchen.

Capt. Dorian Jackson of the Phoenix Fire Department says two workers went home sick Saturday morning, and one woman later went to a hospital.

Tests found she had high levels of carbon monoxide. Hospital workers called the fire department and told them to check out the bagel shop.

Jackson says dispatchers called the Einstein Bros. Bagels at 7th Street and Bell Road and told workers to get outside. Five were waiting when firefighters arrived. Three were taken to a hospital with nausea and headaches, classic carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms. Two others refused treatment.

The shop was closed until the source can be confirmed and repairs made.

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