Measure Limiting Asbestos Liability Clears Idaho House

February 24, 2012

A bill that would limit national bottle-top maker’s liability for asbestos-related health claims in Idaho has won support in the Idaho House.

For years, Pennsylvania-based Crown Holdings has sought protection at the state level from claims filed by lung disease patients.

Crown’s ill-fated purchase of an asbestos-tainted company in 1963 has resulted in about $700 million in payouts, with 50,000 claims still pending.

The House approved the bill Wednesday 47-22.

The legislation would limit the liability of companies that acquire other companies with assets tainted by asbestos.

If approved, the measure would nullify future Idaho payouts by Crown. Ten claims are pending in the state.

Rep. Clifford Bayer of Boise says the bill is fair and appeals Idaho’s pro-business philosophy.

Crown has won similar protections in 14 other states.

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