Las Vegas Police Waste No Time in Enforcing Phone Ban

January 10, 2012

Las Vegas police have wasted no time in enforcing the state’s new ban on driving while texting or talking on a handheld device.

Police Sgt. Peter Kisfalvi of Metro’s traffic section told the Las Vegas Sun that officers wrote more than 230 citations last week.

The cellphone ban took effect Oct. 1, but authorities statewide didn’t start issuing citations until Jan. 1. Drivers were given a three-month grace period.

The fine for a first offense is $50. A second offense will cost $100, and a third or subsequent offense brings a $250 fine, not including court costs.

And there is no forgiveness for even peeking at your phone while at a stop sign or waiting at a traffic light.

Hands-free talking is still allowed.

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