$1 Could Be Added to Colorado Registrations for Ambulances

February 23, 2009

Colorado drivers may have to pay another dollar on their vehicle registrations to support rural ambulance service.

Car owners already pay a $1 trauma care fee. The state Senate gave initial backing to make it $2.

The increase in Senate Bill 2 would bring in about $5 million a year. Democratic Sen. John Morse says it would create 125 full-time paramedic and emergency medical technician jobs.

Morse says delays in paying insurance claims have led some private ambulance companies to close, putting more of a burden on part-time and volunteer EMTs.

Republican Sen. Scott Renfroe failed in trying to avoid a new fee by proposing the money come from either the state education fund or by doing away with front license plates.

Lawmakers also are considering new fees on vehicle registrations to pay for road and bridge repairs. Under that measure (Senate Bill 108), the owners of cars and SUVs would pay an extra $32 this year and $41 next year.

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