Los Angeles County Marek Fire 70 Percent Contained

October 15, 2008

Savage winds subsided overnight so firefighters were able to contain 70 percent of the Marek fire in the San Fernando Valley. But authorities say the winds could be back later in the day.

Just 12 hours earlier, the fire was only 5 percent contained. Authorities also reduced the acreage to 4,800 acres from 5,300 acres.

County fire Inspector Paul Hartwell says firefighters hit the blaze near Kagel Canyon hard Monday night. However, flames are surging through head-high brush on steep hillsides that last burned more than 30 years ago.

The so-called Sesnon fire, about 10 miles away in Porter Ranch, was flaring up on several flanks as winds buffeted the flames. That blaze is uncontained.

The Merek fire started Monday and burned 38 mobile homes and one single-family home. It is blamed for one of two fire-related deaths. More homes burned around Porter Ranch and a traffic death was blamed on the fire.

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