Washington Chiropractor Gets Replacement for Stolen Bigfoot

April 2, 2008

Tom Payne has a new and bigger Bigfoot to replace the carving that was stolen from outside his chiropractic clinic and was recovered only after the feet had been amputated.

Payne is replacing Sasquatch Sam, mounted outside his clinic for more than five years, with the top choice of spectators who watched three local chainsaw artists carve new versions at his office.

Sasquatch Sam, a chainsaw carving originally 8 feet tall and 400 pounds with red reflector eyes, a depiction of the legendary ape-like creature of the Pacific Northwest, bore a slight passing resemblance to the figure on the cover of Jethro Tull’s “Aqualung” recording.

The theft of the creature drew national publicity. In what police said was a vain attempt to cover up the crime, the 16-inch long feet had been sawed off at the ankles, which are nearly 9 inches thick, shortening the carving by a foot and a half.

Police spokeswoman Stacy Flores said a man and a juvenile boy confessed to taking the carving, but the motive was unclear.

Payne said he would have nothing to do with an offer to buy Sasquatch Sam.

“That’d be like selling one of my grandsons,” he said.

Source: The News Tribune.

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