Colorado Remembers Fifth Anniversary of Most Expensive Snowstorm

March 17, 2008

Five years ago Colorado residents celebrated the first day of spring by digging out of the mess left by the state’s most destructive snowstorm. The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association estimates that the historic March 2005 blizzard resulted in more than 28,000 claims from damage to homes and vehicles, with an overall price tag of $93.3 million in insured losses (over $100 million in today’s dollars).

Given it is the five year anniversary of the event, RMIIA is advising people to evaluate their insurance coverage. “We are entering severe weather season in the Rocky Mountain Region and that means Mother Nature can spring dangerous weather on us practically on a daily basis,” says Carole Walker, RMIIA executive director. “Whether it’s damage from snow, hail, wind, flooding or wildfires, homeowners need to keep insurance coverage current so that they can repair and rebuild their homes when the unthinkable does happen.”

Colorado doesn’t generally experience large losses from winter storms. The largest were:
– $93.3 million in insured damage resulting from heavy snow and ice on March 18-19, 2003.
– $10.5 million in insured damage resulting from heavy snow and ice on Oct. 24-26, 1997.
– $6.4 million in insured damage occurred from Sept. 20, 1995.
– $4.9 million in insured damage occurred on Dec. 22-26, 1982.
– Colorado’s most costly catastrophe in state history was a $625 million hailstorm that battered the Denver-metro area on July 11, 1990.

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Source: RMIIA

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