Trial for Ford SUV Rollovers To Begin in June

May 25, 2007

A class action lawsuit claiming that Ford concealed a dangerous design flaw that increases the tendency among these Explorers to roll over, causing consumers to buy or lease Explorers, and to pay more than what they should have is scheduled to begin trial in Sacramento on June 4.

The class includes approximately 400,000 Ford Explorer buyers who live in California, and bought, owned or leased a 1991-2001 model year Ford Explorer in California.

According to the plaintiffs’ lawyers, Ford Explorers manufactured during those years had design defects, which the company tried to conceal and led to massive numbers of accidents and deaths. The company also is being criticized for marketing the vehicle for family use and safety. The lawyers are arguing that Ford failed to follow its own engineers’ recommendations regarding handling and safety features, then cover up the inherent design problems and resulting accidents.

“Furthermore, thousands of California residents still own or lease Explorers, which now are of substantially diminished value solely as a result of Ford’s fraudulent and deceptive scheme. This diminishment in current value, that also reflects an amount of overpayment at the time of purchase, was confirmed by a Fall 2000 edition of Automotive Lease Guide, which downgraded the after lease value of the Ford Explorers by $1,850,” the class action complaint states.

The lawsuit seeks a return of profits Ford earned from the deception.

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