Calif. State Fund Hires Two Amid Ongoing Investigation

April 18, 2007

  • April 24, 2007 at 4:48 am
    Kathe Johnson says:
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    I am a RN employed by the State of Ca for 30 years with no adverse actions ever taken against me. I filed a stress claim with SCIF in August 2006.The claim was immediately denied and delayed for 90 days at which time they are responsible for my treatment until liability is determined.The labor law states any disputes can only be settled by a medical opinion. I was put through all mandated evaluations. The claim was denied in November without the required medical report.They stated they would review my denial when the report was recieved.For months I have been trying to get an answer. Nobody would help me.The claims rep. refused to answer my calls.I contacted the DIR, and there advice was to file for adjudication. The I&A assistance unit was of no assistance as well. They have refused to pay any of my medical expenses and I have been using my own insurance. I was forced to file for adjudication hearing.WCAB requires I recieve any documents pertinent to my case. On April 17, I recieved the documents reviewed by my QME and there was the report, in which it determined by stress was industrial,due to work events.(I blew the whistle on negligent care and my employer retaliated.)I haven\’t been able to work since August, and I am in finacial ruins, close to bankruptcy. I have yet to see they have re-evaluated my claim.I am now on medication for major depression, anxiety, insomnia, and shingles brought on by the stress. The worker\’s compensation claims it\’s goal is to assist injured workers in getting medical care in order to provide relief from injury and return them to work. I have experienced anything but that.I realize fraudulent claims are filed all of the time, but it seems their goal is to do whatever it takes to successfully avoid liability, regardless of the impact and disruption it has on the employee and the destruction of their financial stability,the effect of exacerbation of the syptoms they already have, and how that impacts their family.My rights have been denied, treatment has been delayed, and I am even more depressed than I was before, even for one moment considered that ending my own life would be easier. Thank God for my personal physician.I can attest to the corruption and unethical practices, I have lived them. I hope to get resolution at the WCAB hearing. Thank you for listening to my complaint.

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