Calif. State Fund Hires Two Amid Ongoing Investigation

The troubled California State Compensation Insurance Fund has hired Stephen C. Kolakowski as interim CFO and Marjorie Berte as a management consultant.

Recently, the state’s workers’ compensation insurer suffered setbacks over unethical practices in its group programs, which led to the firings of former president James Tudor and Renee Koren, vice president in charge of group programs. California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner also had ordered an audit of the organization, and issued several directives to SCIF regarding structural and operational changes.

Kolakowski and Berte both have several years of insurance industry experience. Berte was former Gov. Pete Wilson’s insurance advisor and is a trustee of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System.

SCIF is continuing with its internal investigation, which is being directed by San Francisco law firm Clarence & Dyer LLP.