Spring Break Prime Time for Home Break-Ins, Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association Says

March 2, 2006

While enjoying Spring Break, the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association recommends homeowners and renters make sure they don’t leave behind an open invitation for burglars. Tipping off thieves that you’re away from home can easily be avoided by following a simple vacation checklist, it said.

The RMIIA suggests homeowners and renters:

*Leave blinds open in their usual position.
*Have mail and packages picked up, forwarded or held by the post office.
*Lower the sound of your telephone ringer and answering machine so they can’t be heard outside.
*Arrange to have your lawn mowed in summer and your walk and driveway shoveled in winter.
*Stop newspaper deliveries.
*Ask a friend to pick-up “throw-away” newspapers and circulars.
*Use automatic timers to turn lights on and off in various parts of the house at appropriate times. Consider connecting a radio to a timer.
*Tell police and dependable neighbors when you plan to be away and join with your neighbors to keep a close watch on what’s happening in your area — working closely with them is a good way to prevent crime.

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