New Hawaii Lava Flow Report Introduced

April 13, 2005

CDS Business Mapping LLC, a provider of online hazard mapping, is now offering Hawaii Lava Flow reports on its RiskMeter Online Web site ( By simply typing in an address, underwriters and agents will receive a detailed report that returns: potential lava flow score, volcano name, GIS map and aerial photo (optional).

On the Island of Hawaii certain areas are prone to volcanic lava flows. The RiskMeter’s Lava Flow report leverages historic and prehistoric data to provide agents and underwriters with a clear picture of how much risk a policy is exposed to. In addition, this report takes into account the larger topographic features of the volcanoes, which will affect the distribution of lava flows.

Until now, determining whether a new or existing policy location was prone to destruction from lava flows, required underwriters and agents to flip through paper based maps.

For more information, contact Daniel Munson at (617) 737-4444 or

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