CorVel Reports More than 10 Calif. Certified MPN’s

February 28, 2005

CorVel Corp. announced that the company, as a certified existing HCO, is fully compliant with all aspects of California’s new law (SB 899) and meets the requirements to provide a Medical Provider Network (MPN) to its customers.

CorVel has been certified by the State of California since 1997 and offers directed channeling to their network of more than 26,000 providers statewide. To date, CorVel has received more than 10 MPN approvals from the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) for both insurance carriers and self insured employers.

CorVel’s new MPN program assists employers with maximizing benefits under the newly legislated workers’ comp reforms. CorVel’s MPN provides directed channeling to a network of quality providers that the company has spent 13 years developing.

This network is available online through an MPN directory which will allow customers to build a customized list of providers based on their specific geographic location and physician specialties. The application will allow employers to customize or “carve out” a provider panel pertinent to their specific industry and employee population. The program also offers full integration with the company’s state-approved Utilization Management program.

With the new legislation, employers are responsible for multiple levels of employee notification and CorVel has reportedly combated this challenge with a full- service employee notification program. CorVel assists with the required duties including: implementation of the MPN, new hires, employee injury, employee requests of subsequent treating physician, 2nd and 3rd opinions and transferring care into the MPN.

CorVel offers a centralized MPN call center that is staffed to answer all employee questions regarding provider selection and appointments. The CorVel MPN call center also acts as a centralized appointment scheduling service that is designed to schedule and confirm all initial appointments and any specialty provider subsequent appointments.

Additionally, CorVel will offer employees accessibility to the list of designated providers within the certified MPN.

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