Fireman’s Fund Notes Personal Insurance for More than 28,000 Professional Firefighters in California

January 27, 2005

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company has announced a personal insurance benefit program, including automobile and homeowner’s coverage, for the more than 28,000 members of the California Professional Firefighters (CPF).

The new personal insurance includes the Fireman’s Fund Prestige Home Standard and Prestige Auto coverages with a 10 percent credit off the homeowner’s premiums for CPF members. A special “Code-4” endorsement is also available, which includes extended coverage for identity fraud, business property, and additional property including trees, shrubs, lawns and other plants.

The new coverage is offered through an exclusive arrangement with United Valley Insurance Agency, who in association with Harry J. Wilson Insurancenter Inc., administers the CPF Health Benefits Trust program.

The CPF Health Benefits Trust provides insurance products and programs designed for today’s professional firefighter. Seven experienced insurance directors (all active or retired firefighters) direct the Trust’s operations, providing benefits and appropriate protection for CPF firefighters and their families.

“This new offering expands the scope of Fireman’s Fund Heritage, our nationwide grant program that provides equipment, fire prevention tools and firefighting training for local fire departments as well as life-saving community education,” said Bob Courtemanche, president of Fireman’s Fund Personal Insurance. “Through Heritage, we support America’s firefighters and demonstrate that we as an insurer share with them a common mission of service and protection. Through this new benefit program, we can now offer home and auto coverages to California firefighters.”

Courtemanche said that, “We are beginning the firefighter insurance program in California, hoping that we can eventually develop personal lines coverages for firefighters in other parts of the country. So the CPF program is our vital first step.”

For additional information about the coverage, California Professional Firefighters members should contact United Valley at 800-549-4242.

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