Ore. Gov. Reacts to Tsunami Devastation

January 3, 2005

As people from around the world look to help survivors of last month’s deadly earthquake and killer tsunamis in Southeast Asia, Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski released the following statement:

“Clearly the devastation in Southeastern Africa and Eastern Asia has grown to a level of unimaginable loss. The human loss is a terrible tragedy of historic proportions and beyond comprehension. The devastation of land and structures will undoubtedly take many years to replace.

“As we learn the stories of those Oregonians that were in direct harms way or have families and friends that are still missing, we are reminded of the need to help.

“All humankind, no matter where we live, need each other in times of crisis. Those needs for the people of this devastated area are extreme and at this time can best be met by financial contributions. I urge all Oregonians to do what you can to help.”

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