Las Vegas Cabbies Get an Extra Passenger

December 15, 2004

Synergetic Technologies announced that the company has demonstrated it’s proprietary product ‘CABWATCH” in the Las Vegas, Nevada markets. The first appointments and demonstrations were last week.

SYGG president Casey Hall, had his technicians build and install an automotive based DVR surveillance unit into a recent model sedan and the car was then driven to Las Vegas where it was shown to different cab and transportation companies. The unit was built in direct response to recent laws passed in Clark County Nevada requiring all taxi cabs to have some form of surveillance installed in 2005.

CABWATCH is capable of not only storing many months of information in each cab, but each cab can be viewed from the dispatchers office at anytime. CABWATCH is the first tool that allows companies to record, store, and remotely view all areas of concern regarding driver and passenger conduct, traffic conditions and hazards, at a price that is reportedly very affordable.

CABWATCH will be available for sale to these companies in early 2005. This technology not only works for cars, but can be applied to trains, buses, airplanes, boats and any form of mass or personal transportation. Not only does it provide for passenger monitoring, but it also provides a clear record of events for insurance and legal claims.

The applications for CABWATCH are reportedly not just for commercial use, CABWATCH also reportedly lends itself well for recording of accidents and also for monitoring parked vehicles prior to entry. This provides a real level of safety for those people who have to park their vehicles in areas where personal safety may be an issue. Before even leaving the office, a car can be monitored for intruders.

The company has authorized a short video presentation that can be viewed at under the heading of CABWATCH. Viewers should be aware that the unit shown here uses a stationary camera, optional features include a remote controlled camera that allows the user to look in all directions from a remote location, prior to entering any vehicle.

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