ICIC Lombard Insurance Services Deploys Talisma v6 CRM for Enhanced Processing

November 23, 2004

Washington-based Talisma, a provider of multi-channel CRM solutions, announced that its solution has been deployed by ICICI Lombard, a provider of customized insurance solutions. Talisma V6 will reportedly provide ICICI Lombard’s customers with enhanced customer service through quicker and more accurate claims processing.

ICICI Lombard’s customer service representatives now access a single screen view that provides a 360-degree view of the customer and a complete audit trail of all customer interactions. This interaction includes contact information, customer profiles, appointments, and service requests, regardless of communication method (chat, email, or phone). The improved speed and accuracy of claims processing, powered by Talisma v6, has reportedly led to increased customer retention rates for ICICI Lombard.

Implementation of Talisma v6 has reportedly allowed ICICI Lombard to map its internal claims processes, eliminating the need for call center agents to process and forward each document individually to the company’s Claims Managers.

Once information has been input to the system and verified, Talisma v6 records the details of each claim and assigns the claim to the organization’s operations team for payment. This new integration permits agents to manage claim requests quickly and accurately reportedly saving time by incorporating information from a range of back office systems into a single interface.

From a marketing perspective, Talisma’s v6 enables ICICI Lombard to proactively build customer relationships through targeted outbound campaigns. Contact databases can now be integrated into the CRM solution, providing staff with campaign management tools. This ensures that each contact receives the correct outbound communication, thereby increasing customer acquisition levels.

Talisma v6 is a scalable, flexible, robust solution that integrates with the organization’s large existing legacy system reportedly preventing costly infrastructure changes. The CRM solution is a platform with built-in extensibility and scalability to support thousands of users, enabling ICICI Lombard to grow without a reduction in productivity.

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