AMA: Wyo. Voters Make Move in Right Direction to Reduce Health Care Costs

November 5, 2004

Following Tuesday’s elections, the American Medical Association (AMA) praised Wyoming voters for their vote regarding medical liability reform.

“The American Medical Association is pleased that Wyoming voters have enacted Ballot Amendment C, which will allow the state legislature to consider implementing medical review panels in medical liability cases,” John Nelson, AMA president, said. “This is an important step toward weeding out meritless cases and reducing health care costs in Wyoming.

“We are disappointed, however, with the narrow defeat of Amendment D, which would have allowed the Wyoming legislature to fully consider how a reasonable limit on non-economic damage awards can protect access to care in the Equality State. We are concerned that Wyoming’s crisis may become worse.

“The Wyoming Medical Society and its physician members worked tirelessly to present the facts because they did not want to see access to health care deteriorate any further.

“The AMA is proud to stand side-by-side with Wyoming patients and physicians—during the successful effort to enact Amendment C—and we will continue to work closely with the Wyoming Medical Society and the health care community in Wyoming as it prepares for the 2005 legislative session.

“The AMA will be relentless in our fight to enact reasonable reforms that allow patients access to the courtroom without sacrificing Americans’ access to medical care. Medical liability reform is the AMA’s top legislative priority.”

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