Intracorp Says It Can Help Reduce Work Comp Costs in Calif.

April 20, 2004

Philadelphia-based Intracorp says that it can help slow down skyrocketing workers’ compensation costs through a new suite of managed care tools designed specifically for California companies.

“With medical costs in California among the highest in the nation, and workers’ compensation claims tripling since 1997, employers in California are scrambling for solutions,” said Ken Ross, president of Intracorp. “We’re utilizing aggressive cost-savings techniques and providing expert case management services to significantly improve the bottom-line results for our customers.”

Intracorp says it can help manage workers’ compensation costs in California through a number of services, including utilization review. The company uses American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine evidence-based clinical guidelines supplemented by Intracorp’s proprietary Optimal Treatment Guidelines.

Other services provided by Intracorp include an expanded California provider network, a California Health Care Organization and specialty review services. Intracorp also says that the company can foster faster recoveries and shorter disability durations that help California employers achieve successful return to work results.

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