Guide Available to Prepare for Quakes

January 14, 2004

Ten years ago this week, the second largest natural disaster to hit the United States rumbled into seismic history, reminding everyone in California how unstable the earth below can be.

Known as the Northridge earthquake, the 6.7 magnitude catastrophe claimed nearly 60 lives, while injuring 12,000 people and damaging more than 120,000 homes and buildings. The financial toll: more than $40 billion.

Unlike other disasters, earthquakes give no real advanced warning.

“Is Your Home Protected From Earthquake Disaster?” is a guide published by the Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) that explains how an earthquake’s forces affect structures, and most importantly, what should be done to minimize their impact.

While some steps in the guide are comprehensive, like structural improvements that might be made during construction or over time to an existing home, simple and inexpensive steps to secure furniture and appliances can reduce the risk of bodily harm and minimize property damage inside are also outlined. A home improvement project list broken down by cost is included.

For more information or to view this publication, visit the IBHS Web site, .

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