CWCI Debuts Online Data on Calif. Workers’ Comp

August 19, 2003

The California Workers’ Compensation Institute (CWCI) announced that it has published an updated compendium of general facts, information and updated graphics about California workers’ compensation, which is posted on the Institute’s Web site,

Internet users can access the information by clicking on the FAQs button at the top of the CWCI home page, then clicking on the section for Researchers, Journalists and Speechwriters. This will link them to System Facts, where they can then choose to review The Workers’ Compensation Story, which runs through all of the charts, graphs, tables and text in sequence, or review the list of 51 exhibits and quickly click to the information they need.

Facts, figures and text cover a wide range of issues, including details on the structure and scope of the system, benefits, and key cost drivers. This information can be downloaded, and is available free of charge to industry professionals or others who need to prepare speeches, presentations, proposals, research, articles, etc. The information is derived from multiple sources, including Institute studies and the ICIS database, the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau, state agencies, and national research organizations. Sources and dates are noted on the exhibits.

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