Victims of Health Care Access Crisis to Call on Reid to Support Medical Liability Reform

May 5, 2003

Three victims of the escalating crisis in health care access nationwide will join Nevada seniors, health care professionals and business leaders at a rally and news conference in Las Vegas Tuesday, May 6 to urge U.S. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) to vote for meaningful, federal medical liability reform legislation this year.

Bonnie Seubert, a mother of two from Las Vegas, reportedly fell victim to the medical liability crisis last year when her ob-gyn of 13 years was forced to retire early due to skyrocketing medical liability costs. She will share her emotional story at the event – including how she lost her subsequent obstetrician only days before she was scheduled to undergo a full hysterectomy.

Joining Seubert will be Mary Rasar, whose father died in Las Vegas last year after Nevada’s sole Level 1 trauma center was forced to close for 10 days due to a sharp hike in its medical liability costs; Nicole Lytle, a victim of the crisis and the voice of “Wake up with Tom & Nicole on Sunny 106.5”; Dr. Rudy Manthei, president of Keep Our Doctors in Nevada; Dr. John Martin, a Las Vegas ob-gyn whose practice has been affected by the crisis; Dr. Mark Turner, a Las Vegas ob-gyn who was forced to drop his obstetrics practice; and Flora “Grandma” Green, the 80-year-old spokesperson for The Seniors Coalition, a national advocacy organization.

Nevada is listed by the American Medical Association as one of the states most critically affected by the crisis, and Senator Reid is reportedly pivotal to the medical liability reform effort in Congress.

The Senate version of The HEALTH Act, which was passed by the House of Representatives earlier this year, is co-sponsored by U.S. Senator John Ensign (R-NV). Reid’s support would reportedly deflate the efforts of Senate Democrats threatening to filibuster the legislation.

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