Northern Alabama County Adds Texting to 911 Options

February 12, 2015

Limestone County has joined a growing number of places where people are able to text a message to reach 911 emergency services.

Supporters of the service say the ability to text instead of making a voice call will make it easier for people who can’t speak, WHNT-TV reported. They say texting could also be used in dangerous situations, where the person seeking help must remain quite.

The service is up and working at the local 911 call center, said R.V. White, the director of Limestone County’s 911 services.Cell Phone

“Call if you can, text if you can’t,” White said. “We want people to realize this service does not replace our traditional voice calls and should only be used in a situation when there is absolutely no other way to make a voice call.”

White said he wants people to realize texts to 911 should be used as a last option, and that a traditional voice call is still recommended.

White says that if a person sends a text to 911 in Limestone County right now, it’s just like making a 911 voice call and handled with the same degree of seriousness.

“This is not something to test or joke around with,” White said. “We treat this very seriously and when it comes to life or death there is no room for messing around on your phone.”

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