New System Speeds Kentucky Commercial Vehicle Inspections

December 11, 2014

A regional organization has given an award to Kentucky’s technological screening program for large commercial trucks.

The Intelligent Transportation Society of the Midwest gave the 2014 Project of the Year award to Kentucky Automated Truck Screening, or KATS.

The Transportation Cabinet says the program uses a license plate reader, a U.S. Transportation Department and Kentucky Highway Use license number reader, and scene camera technology to collect and process information identifying a commercial vehicle as it approaches a weigh station.

The cabinet says the goal is to inspect trucks quickly and efficiently. Five KATS systems are already in operation, and four more are in the works to be in use by the end of this year.
The cabinet’s Department of Vehicle Regulation, the Kentucky Transportation Center at the University of Kentucky and the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement division of Kentucky State Police are involved in the project.

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