In Reversal, Kentucky Corvette Museum Decides to Fill In Sinkhole

September 3, 2014

A massive sinkhole that swallowed eight sports cars won’t be a permanent attraction at the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky after all.

After considering retaining and building a bridge over part of the sinkhole, the museum’s board recently voted to fill in the entire hole that opened up in February and became a sensation. Curiosity over the hole revved up attendance and revenue for the museum in Bowling Green.

Board members reversed course by deciding against preserving a portion of the hole. Museum officials had been leaning toward keeping part of it and putting a crumpled car back in it to memorialize what happened when the sinkhole opened up in the museum’s Skydome.

The museum was closed at the time, and no one was injured.

Museum officials said they decided against keeping part of the hole open due to the added cost for safety features.

The sinkhole did more than $1 million in damage to cars that fell on rocks.

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