Electrocuted Boy’s Family Sues Florida Pool Companies

June 26, 2014

A South Florida family is suing a host of pool companies over the electrocution of their 7-year-old son who died while swimming in their swimming pool.

Attorney Ervin Gonzalez says the lawsuit was filed Monday.

Calder Sloan died April 13 when a pool light overheated, causing the wiring to fail and send electrical current through the water.

The Miami Herald reports the family alleges the boy’s death was a result of a series of avoidable safety blunders.

Chris Sloan says the pool light had too high a voltage and it wouldn’t shut off automatically.

The lawsuit alleges the pool’s electrical system wasn’t properly grounded and that inspectors failed to identify the problems.

The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of monetary compensation.

Gonzalez urged pool owners to doublecheck their lights.

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