RiskMeter Database Provides Locations of More Than 20,000 Florida Sinkholes

October 17, 2012

RiskMeter Online, a provider of real-time, natural hazard risk reports, announced its sinkhole clearinghouse database now contains the locations of over 20,000 sinkholes in the state of Florida.

Over the last few years sinkhole claims have been on the rise in Florida due to various factors, including heavy rains, massive pumping of groundwater and the creation of new buildings, streets and retention ponds. According to a report by the state of Florida, sinkhole claims have cost property insurers over $1.4 billion dollars from 2006-2010.

In order to help insurers assess where sinkhole risk is located, RiskMeter created a sinkhole clearinghouse program a few years ago. Insurers who submit reported sinkholes will have access to an exclusive database that contains private and public data.

RiskMeter’s Web-based service can quickly help underwriters and agents to quickly check for sinkhole risk. By simply typing in an address or uploading a book of business, it’s possible to get the following information:

  • Number of sinkholes within a given radius or multiple radii (customizable)
  • Distance to the closest sinkhole
  • Sinkhole status: verified sinkhole, under investigation, verified non-sinkhole
  • Sinkhole hazard map (aerial overlay optional)

“A lot of insurers are under the impression that there are just a few counties in Florida affected by sinkholes, but sinkhole risk has been spreading geographically over the last few years,” explains Dan Munson, Founder, RiskMeter Online. “In order to help our users to gain a better understanding of their sinkhole risk, we’ve made it a priority to provide our users with the most up-to-date data. In 2012 alone, we’ve added thousands of sinkholes from various sources and by getting more carriers to participate in our clearinghouse program. We’re still not done and we plan on adding more sinkhole locations before the end of the year,” says Munson.

For more information about RiskMeter’s sinkhole clearinghouse program or its regular sinkhole report, please contact Dan Munson, Founder, RiskMeter Online at 617.737.4444 or dmunson@cdsys.com

Source: RiskMeter Online

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