Alabama City Considers $4 Hike to Seatbelt Fines

August 6, 2012

Tuscaloosa, Ala., court clerks are having trouble making change for $26 fines assessed for seatbelt violations, so the City Council is considering raising the amount to an even $30.

The Tuscaloosa News reports the problems began in June after state lawmakers tacked a $16 “solicitor’s fee” onto seatbelt fines collected by local governments. In Tuscaloosa, failure to wear a seatbelt previously cost $10.

Municipal Court Judge Madelene L. Hollingsworth says clerks can’t keep enough $1 bills to make change for the new fine. As a result, the City Council is considering adding another $4.

However, the judge says she would also support the city shaving $1 off its portion of the fine, which would lower the overall amount to $25.

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