Historic Instrument Auction From 2010 Floods Benefits Tennessee Fire Departments

May 8, 2012

Two years ago this month, torrential rains pounded down on Middle and West Tennessee resulting in heavy flooding of many counties throughout the state. Residents were devastated by the floods and some fire districts lacked the necessary equipment for rescue efforts.

NASH2O was organized shortly after the floodwaters receded by three longtime Music City mainstays: George Gruhn, widely-recognized as an authority on vintage stringed instruments; Joe Glaser, luthier and fine instrument repairman and steel guitarist/producer Bruce Bouton, a fixture on high-profile recordings and tours for decades.

Their goal was to collect flood-damaged instruments from top artists, which could then be sold as presentation/collector pieces. The group secured the support of Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company. Funds raised were to benefit local musicians affected by the flood and the Nashville area fire service.

As a result of the auction and an additional $10,000 grant by Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company and Frost Specialty, two regional fire service organizations are receiving a total of $36,000 in grants for water rescue equipment.

The Greater Nashville area is receiving vital swift-water rescue gear and Stewart County Fire-Rescue will receive a boat specially designed for swift-water rescues on behalf of their region (Homeland Security District #7).

credit: Fireman's Fund Insurance Company

“Having the ability to respond to water emergencies quickly will help ensure the safety of our community,” said Fire Chief Shannon, execute & operations manager of the Nashville Office of Emergency Management and assistant fire chief. “Looking back at the 2010 floods in Tennessee, this equipment is critical to our ability to work safely in the water and save lives.”

Source: Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company

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