Main Asks Ala. Insurance Board to Reject Request from Senators

June 22, 2007

Alabama State Finance Director Jim Main has asked the State Employees Insurance Board to reject an application from the Alabama Senate that could mean a significant reduction in the cost of health insurance premiums for senators.

Legislators are currently eligible to receive state employee health insurance but must pay the full cost, which comes to about $690 a month for family coverage.

In the final moments of the regular session on June 7, the Senate passed a resolution by Sen. E.B. McClain, D-Midfield, asking that the Senate be considered a local government group – a move that could lower the cost of premiums for senators.

In his letter dated Wednesday, Main said senators are not eligible to receive the insurance at a lower rate.

“This effort by the senators can only be interpreted to be an effort to have their own health care insurance paid for by the taxpayers of Alabama,” Main said in the letter.

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